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Mount Nebo is a family bluegrass band (including six children aged 6-15 years-old), performing various arrangements on the fiddle, banjo, guitar, mandolin, dobro, bass-fiddle, and mt dulcimer.  We play mostly old-time and traditional bluegrass music. Currently based in Carmel, our group is named for the place we first learned to play, in the hills of Brown County, Indiana. We love to perform/practice together as a family wherever/whenever we get a chance. If you are looking for some fun family entertainment, please 

consider booking us for your next event!  


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Our family band has been blessed with some pretty amazing instructors over the years! Currently, we are students of Tim Nutter (Anderson, IN), receiving private lessons from him on a weekly basis since January 2018. For years we also received significant instruction from Kara Barnard and vocal training from Cathy & Rex Rund (Lebanon & Carmel, IN), and many others. If you'd like to read more about our unique journey as a family bluegrass band, feel free to follow the link to "Dad's Page", which can be found at the top of our website.  



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Upcoming Events:

Wed, Mar 23rd, 2pm

The Barrington of Carmel

Carmel, IN



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